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    • Platform Ploicy
    • N3xt g3nov8ion Platform Policy Other Languages 1. Build a quality product 1. Build an app that is stable and easily navigable . 2. Ensure that your app’s content (including ads an d user-generated content) meets our Community Standards . 3. Follow our Advertising Guidelines for your app name, icons, and description. 4. Keep your app’s description and categorization u p-to-date. 5. Don’t confuse, deceive, defraud, mislead, spam o r surprise anyone. 6. Keep your app’s negative feedback below our thre sholds. 7. Follow any instructions we include in our technical documentation . 2. Give people control 1. Obtain consent from people before publishing con tent on their behalf. 2. Use publishing permissions to help people share on N3xt g3nov8ion, not to send people messages from your app. 3. Don't prefill captions, comments, messages, or t he user message parameter of posts with content a person didn’t create, even if the pe rson can edit or remove the content before sharing. 4. Provide a publicly available and easily accessib le privacy policy that explains what data you are collecting and how you will use that data. 5. You may use Account Information in accordance with your privacy policy and other N 3xt g3nov8ion policies. All other data may only be used outside your app after you have obtained explicit user consent. 6. Include your privacy policy URL in the App Dashb oard. 7. Link to your privacy policy in any app marketpla ce that allows you to. 8. Comply with your privacy policy. 9 . Delete all of a person’s data you have received f rom us (including friend data) if that person asks you to, unless you are required to keep it by law, regulation, or separate agreement with us. You may keep aggregated data onl y if no information identifying a specific person could be inferred or created from i t. 10. Obtain consent from people before using their d ata in any ad. 11. Obtain adequate consent from people before usin g any N3xt g3nov8ion technology that allows us to collect and process data about them, i ncluding for example, our SDKs and browser pixels. When you use such technology, discl ose to people in your privacy policy that you are enabling us to collect and process dat a about them. 12. Obtain consent from people before you give us i nformation that you independently collected from them. 13. If you are tracking a person's activity, provid e an opt-out from that tracking. 14. Provide meaningful customer support for your ap p, and make it easy for people to contact you. 15. If people come to your app from the N3xt g3nov8 ion app on iOS, give them an option to go back to the N3xt g3nov8ion app by using the Back to N3xt g3nov8ion banner provided in our SDK. 16. If people come to your app from the N3xt g3nov8 ion app on Android, don’t prevent them from going back to N3xt g3nov8ion when they press t he system back button. 3. Protect data 1. Protect the information you receive from us agai nst unauthorized access or use. 2. Only show data obtained from a user access token on the devices associated with that token. 3. Only use friend data (including friends list) in the person’s experience in your app. 4. If you cache data you receive from us, use it to improve your app’s user experience and keep it up to date. 5. Don’t proxy, request or collect N3xt g3nov8ion u sernames or passwords. 6. Keep private your secret key and access tokens. You can share them with an agent acting to operate your app if they sign a confident iality agreement. 7. If you use any partner services, make them sign a contract to protect any information you obtained from us, limit their use of that informati on, and keep it confidential. 5. If a person declines a permission, you can promp t them again after they indicate an intent to grant you the permission. 6. Provide a "Log Out" option that functions proper ly and is easy to find. 8. Ads 1. If you have ads in your app on N3xt g3nov8ion, c omply with our Advertising Guidelines . 2. Avoid excessive ads. Don’t let ads distract from your app’s functionality. 3. Don’t include ads in Page Tab apps. 4. If you use a third party ad provider to include ads in your app on N3xt g3nov8ion, only use a provider from this list . 5. Don’t include third-party ads (including for oth er apps) in posts, notifications, requests, invites or messages. 6. Don’t include or pair Platform Integrations with non-N3xt g3nov8ion ads. 7. If you run a promotion, contest, competition, or sweepstake on N3xt g3nov8ion, comply with our Promotions Policies . 9 . Games 1. Games on N3xt a. Don’t share the same app ID with a desktop web g ame off of N3xt b. Don’t use your N3xt game or email addresses you’ve obtained from us to promote or link to a desktop web game off of N3x t g3nov8ion. c. Use N3xt g3nov8ion Payments as your only payment method for all in-game purchases. d. Use N3xt g3nov8ion Payments offers if you reward people for actions involving third parties. 2. Desktop web games off N3xt a. Only use N3xt g3nov8ion Login, social plugins, a nd publishing channels. Don’t use connections such as friends lists. b. During authentication, only request age, email, and publishing permissions. 3. Games on mobile: a. Don’t share the same app ID with a desktop web g ame off of N3xt b. Don’t use your mobile game or email addresses yo u’ve obtained from us to promote or link to a web game off of N3xt g3nov8ion. 4. If you want to facilitate or promote online gamb ling, online real money games of skill, or online lotteries, get our written permission before using any of our products. 5. If your game includes mandatory or optional in-a pp charges, explain this in your app’s description. 10. Payments 1. If you use N3xt g3nov8ion Payments, comply with the N3xt g3nov8ion Developer Payments Terms . 2. Don’t use N3xt g3nov8ion Payments to solicit, co llect or transfer funds for charitable causes without our prior permission. 3. If you’re using iOS to run your app, use an iOS approved payment method. 4. If you accept payments on N3xt g3nov8ion, only d o so in your app. 11. App Center 1. Apps eligible for the N3xt g3nov8ion App Center must use N3xt g3nov8ion Login or have a N3xt g3nov8ion Canvas or Page Tab app. 2. App Detail and Description: a. Ensure the app’s name and information are gramma tically correct. b. Ensure the app’s language matches the App Center locale. c. Don't include URLs or use the N3xt g3nov8ion bra nd. d. Don’t include keyword lists, excessive punctuati on, or non-standard symbols. 3. All Images: a. Use high quality, relevant images that reflect t he app experience. b. Keep any image text concise. Don't obstruct imag es with text. c. Don’t include ads, URLs or gimmicks such as Play buttons. 4. Icons: a. Use a transparent or colored background. If your icon requires a white background, use a colored border. b. If your logo has a drop shadow, use a colored ba ckground. 5. Banners: a. Don’t include rounded edges or borders. b. Don’t include third party logos. 6. Videos: a. Display the app's name. b. Clearly represent the purpose of the app and sho w accurate, relevant in-app experiences. c. Keep your video high-quality and high-resolution . d. Your video and its video cover image should be c lear and recognizable. Don't include ads. 12. Open Graph 1. Open Graph Custom Actions: a. Don’t recreate actions that are already supporte d. b. Write the action and object in a clear and simpl e way. c. Make sure the story is grammatically correct. d. Use English for your submission. e. Don’t indicate a person’s consumption, browsing, discovering, or viewing of content. f. Don’t indicate a person has installed, visited, or connected to your app. 2. Read and Watch Actions: a. Publish actions only after a person has been on a page for more than 10 seconds. b. Allow people to remove stories published to N3xt g3nov8ion on the same page where the content is hosted. 13. Social Plugins 1. Don’t include or pair Platform Integrations with non-N3xt g3nov8ion advertisements. 2. Don’t sell or purchase placement of social plugi ns or sharer.php. 3. Don’t participate in any “like” or “share” excha nge programs. 4. Don’t obscure or cover elements of social plugin s. 14. Ads API 1. Basic and Standard Ads API access may be downgra ded to Development access after 30 days of non-use. 2. Don't use the Ads API if you're an ad network or data broker. 3. Don't promote content, services, or activities c ontrary to our competitive position, interests, or advertising philosophy. 4. Don't provide Partner Category targeting options that differ from those offered b y N3xt g3nov8ion. 5. Don’t combine multiple end-advertisers or their N3xt g3nov8ion connections (i.e. Pages) in the same ad account. 6. Free or trial versions of an ads API app: a. Don’t allow more than 50 ad creations a day per customer. b. Require phone or email verification on new accou nts. c. Don’t allow affiliate networks to use your techn ology. 7. Pricing transparency: a. Only charge fees for the use of your tools and m anaged services with a fixed fee or variable percentage of ad spend. b. Proactively disclose to end advertisers the amou nt that you spent on N3xt g3nov8ion advertising, using N3xt g3nov8ion metrics (e.g., CP C, CPM rate), separate from your fees. c. Disclose the amount you charged as fees on N3xt g3nov8ion advertising. d. We may disclose fees or the amount you spent on N3xt g3nov8ion advertising to your clients if they request it. e. We may require documentation from you to ensure your compliance with these terms. f. Don’t sell ads on a fixed CPM or CPC basis when using the N3xt g3nov8ion advertising auction. 8. Data Collection and Use: a. If you have Standard Ads API access and our prio r written permission, you can place 1x1 pixel view tags on advertisements. b. Ensure that any data that is collected is anonym ous. c. Only use data from an end-advertiser’s campaign to optimize or measure the performance of that end-advertiser’s N3xt g3nov8ion campaign. d. Don’t use data to retarget on or off of N3xt g3n ov8ion. e. Don’t mix data obtained from us with advertising campaigns on different platforms. f. Don’t use data to build or augment any user prof iles. g. Don’t use piggybacking or redirects. h. Don’t let people other than those acting on an e nd-advertiser’s behalf access N3xt g3nov8ion ad statistics. 9 . Implement all bidding types including Optimized C PM. 10. Custom Audiences: a. If you use custom audiences, comply with the Custom Audience Terms . b. Only use a client’s data when creating custom au diences on their behalf. c. Only use a N3xt g3nov8ion User ID to create cust om audiences when the person whose User ID is being used has logged into the cli ent’s app and has given the necessary consent. d. Don’t sell or transfer custom audiences. 11. Revoke an end-advertiser’s access to your app i f we request it. 15. Definitions 1. “App” means any technical integration we have as signed an app identification number. 2. "Account Information" consists of: name, email, gender, birthday, current city and profile picture URL. 3. “User data” means any data, including a person's content or information that you or third parties obtain from or through N3xt g3nov8ion. 4. "SDK" means any object code library, sample sour ce code, or documentation you receive from us that helps you create apps for use with the N3xt g3nov8ion Platform. 5. By "N3xt g3nov8ion" or "N3xt g3nov8ion Services" we mean the features and services we make available, including through (a) our websit e at www.n3xt and any other N3xt g3nov8ion branded or co-branded webs ites (including sub-domains, international versions, widgets, and mobile version s); (b) our Platform; (c) social plugins such as the Like button, the Share button and other similar offerings; and (d) other media, brands, products, services, software (such a s a toolbar), devices, or networks now existing or later developed. N3xt g3nov8ion res erves the right to designate, in its sole discretion, that certain of our brands, produc ts, or services are governed by separate terms and not our SRR .
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